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Cindy Springer’s Retirement

Cindy Springer, Deputy Commissioner of Fiscal Accounting and Shared Services, is retiring on July 3, 2015, after 38 years of service.

Cindy started her federal career in 1977 and has served in several important roles in Treasury, including Executive Director for the Administrative Resource Center, Assistant Commissioner for Information Technology/CIO, and Chief Procurement Officer.

As Deputy Commissioner, Cindy leads operations that promote the financial integrity and operational efficiency of the federal government through exceptional accounting and shared services. She has provided guidance and oversight to Treasury’s Fiscal Accounting Operations, Office of Shared Services, and the Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation. 

Cindy is a transformational leader in agency, debt, and government wide accounting, federal investments, financial statement, shared services, USASpending and DATA Act implementation, and governance of the federal financial management shared service providers.

Cindy has been a vocal champion of the Fiscal Service and contributed significantly to the success of her programs and that of the entire organization.  Cindy advocated strongly for the development of staff at all levels by investing her time, sharing personal experiences, and providing opportunities and training.

With Cindy’s retirement, Kim McCoy will assume the role as Deputy Commissioner, Fiscal Accounting and Shared Services. Kim will also retain her current duties as the acting Deputy Commissioner for Finance and Administration.

For more information contact Cheryl Simpson at Cheryl.Simpson@Fiscal.Treasury.Gov or 304-480-7216.

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